Code Review using Coder via Drush Command

Whenever you do code review via drush command, kindly pass security, sql, minor parameters:

Command:          drush coder-review no-empty minor security sql style <module/theme name> |more

security:  will check for security vulnerabilities in your code as how to handle text in secure fashion. (

sql:  will check for your sql statements correctly used as per Drupal standard or not.

minor: will check from very basic level (number of spaces, indentation etc..) till advanced level

no-empty:  will remove any empty lines, while executing the command.

style: this is default, and will check Drupal Coding Standard.

more:  will give linux terminal page scrolling option

Before this please enable coder and coder-review modules by the following commands on your site:

drush en coder

drush en coder_review