DrupalCons 2016: Thank you so much

It was quite a journey for me for in DrupalCons this year.

It all started off in DrupalCon Asia, where i got an opportunity to present my first paper and it was for "Drupal And Isomorphic JavaScript".

This was my first DrupalCon, and i was so excited to be there. In just one month,

I was in invited for presenting two more papers in Drupal Camp London:

Drupal Camp London, was amazing. So many people there who were not only passionate about Drupal, but also were so excited about the fact Drupal 8 is finally taking shape for larger companies.

Learned about BigPipe and presented paper on it, "Drupal 8 Cache with BigPipe" in London:

And, also showcased our experience in - "Automating Drupal Migration":

Also got the chance to be part of DrupalCon New Orleans:

Awesome crowd there:

And getting towards the end of the year, also attended Drupalcon Dublin.

And Dublin again, made my year (end), by giving me a chance to present yet another paper and it was "Animate your Site":

To summarize, I had by far the best year with respect to DrupalCons.

Thanks a lot Drupal :).