How to upgrade to latest version of Drupal8 in Acquia Cloud

Drupal8 is still in beta and very soon, we will have release candidate also. Most of Drupalers wants to checkout Drupal8 as quickly as possible and Acquia is helping out there!!. You can create a free account in and then by clicking on Install Drupal we can install Drupal7 or Drupal8 directly from Acquia.

At the time of writing this post, Acquia is supporting Drupal8beta10 version to install directly.

But, what if you want to upgrade to Drupal8beta11, which is the latest version of Drupal8

Yes, we can do that in Acquia Cloud. We need to the following:


Click on Import existing site for the Acquia Cloud instance for which you need to do the upgrade.



Following that link, Choose Import Drush site archive from URL, accept terms and conditions and click on Continue


Go to and get the link location of latest Drupal8 version (


Paste the latest Drupal8 version ftp link in Acquia Clound Import site and click on Finish.

If everything goes will till now, you will get message importing from url and you need to wait till gets completed.


Once it is completed, click on Get Started. This will take you to workflow page again. Click on Enable live development.


Once done, then click on the Dev link (masked here)

This will get you to Drupal8 installation setup page

After that you can complete the setup with required details and Done! Your Acquia instance is now upgraded with latest Drupal8 instance.