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Change action of view exposed form

  • Hi all,

    A developer with not a lot of Drupal experience here. I'm working on a Drupal 8 project and created a view with a block that filters a certain content type by title using a search query.

    Showing the view and querying works fine, but, I want the action of the form changed, so the search results are shown on a different page instead of on the same page underneath the exposed form. I've found the function hook_form_alter, though changing the form #action on the $form variable overwrites the #action value with my value. Yet it doesn't affect the actual action of the form.

    function mymodule_form_alter(&$form, $form_state, $form_id) { $form['#action'] = '/my/uri'; }

    What could be the reason my form's action isn't being altered?

    Thanks in advance,


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    6 days 3 hours ago

LevelTen Interactive: Higher Education Websites on Drupal

  • This summer, LevelTen started the Web & Drupal Developer Internship program and we've brought on 3 up and coming developer interns! In today's post, we introduce you to Jerad Steward, and his experience and research with working in Higher Education Drupal websites:

    Recently I had the opportunity to be paid to look at a number of sites, even though I do that for free on my own time. I obviously jumped on that offer and read through some case studies on why Universities and other higher education seem to gravitate towards Drupal as a solution to their website needs.

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We have a new module project in that just got approved for collecting user metadata and looking for some resourceful help/tips

  • we are going to get tokens from user sessions such as:
    row_id | Primary Key IP address | email is_email I | email flag (might not need) is_newsletter | lead source ip | ip address viewport | browser window size user-agent | browser url | site access http_referer | previous page time_stamp | time device | device utm_source | source utm_medium | source utm_campaign | campaign forwarded | header field, ip address from user email | header field, email address from users browser (if logged in)

    What is the best way to gather this?

    We are working on a simple module where we use a .install file that writes this table to the database. We are new to this and just wondering if anyone has created something similar or has any tips/suggestions Thanks!

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    6 days 10 hours ago

LevelTen Interactive: Travel Websites Built with Drupal

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