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All the features I’m still getting used to on the iPhone X

  • Since the week before Thanksgiving, I’ve been using the iPhone X. Prior to that, I was using the iPhone 8 Plus, which Apple loaned me. During the busy fall reviews season, I also used the Google Pixel 2 and briefly used the Essential smartphone.

    But this article isn’t a round up of these new phones or a direct comparison of all four. It’s about the iPhone X.

    Some of my fellow Verge writers determined that iPhone X is “easily the best smartphone ever made.” There are a lot of things to love about the iPhone X, including its ridiculously long battery life, excellent camera (front-facing Portrait mode!), and just how fast the thing is. I can see why my co-workers found true smartphone love. I haven’t yet.

    Nearly a month later, I’m still...

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New trailers: Ready Player One, Annihilation, and more

  • I haven't seen The Last Jedi yet (I'm going Saturday night!), but I'm excited to catch it this weekend. That's not something I would have expected two years ago: I've never been a big Star Wars fan, but The Force Awakens is such a perfect start to the new trilogy that it was able to change that.

    What I love about The Force Awakens (and what I suspect longtime Star Wars fans dislike about it) is that it treats Star Wars as myth in order to usher a new generation into that world. The movie is built on the idea that you've heard about but never bought into Star Wars, and it sweeps you along with a surprising amount of humor and some wonderfully earnest characters. The very first scene in The Force Awakens even goes out of its way to make...

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    6 hours 46 min ago

Mozilla faces blowback after slipping Mr Robot plugin into Firefox

Welcome to CTRL+T, TechCrunch’s podcast about tech and culture

  •  Without further ado, it brings us great pleasure to introduce you to CTRL+T, a new podcast hosted by TechCrunch Reporter Megan Rose Dickey and Editorial Director Henry Pickavet. On this week’s episode, we discuss former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya’s declaration that the social network is effectively “destroying how society works,” the FCC’s vote on… Read More

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