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Nokia 8110’s slider ‘Matrix’ feature phone returns with 4G and a €79 price tag

  •  Nokia’s 8110 — the distinctive ‘candy bar’ feature phone with a slider opening — was once the phone that everyone wanted but no one could afford, made popular through the Matrix film franchise. Now HMD, the company that has the license to make Nokia phones, is hoping for a hit by bringing it back. Today, at MWC in Barcelona, Nokia officially took the wraps off the… Read More

    11 hours 56 min ago

ZTE will deliver the first Android Oreo (Go Edition) handset for the U.S. market in March

  •  Things have been mostly quiet on the Android Go front since Google announced the low-power mobile operating system back in May — aside, of course, from an unexpected name chance to the decidedly less catchy. Android Oreo (Go Edition). One of the things that’s made the offering unique from the start, however, is that unlike most of these sorts of lite offerings targeted at the… Read More

    12 hours 4 min ago

ZTE’s Tempo Go is one of the first Android Go phones for the US

  • The first Android Go phones are coming to market, and today, ZTE announced its first device for the project. The Tempo Go runs Google’s new Android Go OS and has 1GB of RAM coupled with 8GB of storage. The company hasn’t said how much the new phone will cost, but the idea behind the program is affordability along with a reliable Android experience.

    Other specs include:

    • Qualcomm MSM8909 processor
    • 2,200mAh battery
    • 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and 2-megapixel front-facing camera
    • Charges over Micro USB and includes a headphone jack

    ZTE tells me it stopped producing 512MB phones because the OS essentially required the device’s entire memory, but with Android Go, the company now feels more comfortable keeping its 1GB phones around. The...

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    12 hours 4 min ago

ZTE’s newest Blade phone features dual cameras, a glass back, and face detection

  • ZTE is announcing two new additions to its mid-range Blade phone lineup today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Both the Blade V9 and its cheaper Blade V9 Vita counterpart feature stock Android Oreo 8.1, dual cameras, rear fingerprint sensors, and displays with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Both phones also feature upgraded camera software that should be better at handling low-lighting conditions.

    I didn’t get a chance to compare the V9 photos to the V8 lineup, but I did notice a significant difference between the photos taken on a V9 Vita versus the V9. The V9 Vita appeared to smooth over details and blended everything together, whereas the V9 was able to capture clear lines. You can see a difference, although I wouldn’t necessarily say...

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    12 hours 4 min ago

ZTE brings premium features to its mid-range Blade line

  •  ZTE’s one of those workhorse smartphone companies you don’t hear much about, aside from the occasional misguided flirtation with a bizarre form factor, a la the dual-screen Axon M. But the Chinese handset manufacturer still powers away and manages to produce some solid handsets at bargain bin prices. The company hasn’t officially announced pricing on the Blade V9 —… Read More

    12 hours 4 min ago

Build a great website with no coding skills and host it for life for under $50

  • This smart little Dragify bundle from TNW Deals, including a ridiculously easy website assembler and a lifetime of web hosting, can tackle the entire anxiety-inducing affair in one fell swoop. And did we mention it’s only $49.99, which is more than 90 percent off its regular price?

    12 hours 4 min ago

The Problem with Cryptojacking

Huawei’s new laptop has a mechanical pop-up webcam in the keyboard

  • The Huawei MateBook X Pro that was just introduced here at Mobile World Congress 2018 is one of the most impressive laptops I’ve seen in a long while. The 91 percent screen-to-body ratio is class-leading, giving us a laptop with vanishingly thin bezels to match the latest flagship phones. The X Pro is also powerful, has a quad-speaker Dolby Atmos audio system, and is exceedingly thin and light. And it has a webcam hidden away in its keyboard!

    Because of its extremely thin bezels, this laptop doesn’t have the space above its display to accommodate a traditional camera, so that had to be tucked away somewhere else. Huawei has gone for the novel approach of disguising the camera as a keyboard button, placing it in between the F6 and F7...

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    12 hours 26 min ago

This could be our first look at the iPhone X Plus display

  • A new batch of iPhones is still a whole seven months away – probably – but phone leaks and rumors don't follow any kind of schedule, and we're already seeing information on Apple's 2018 handsets filter out onto the web. Today we've got what could be a display for the iPhone X Plus for you.

    That's the larger, 6.5-inch version of the current iPhone X that Apple is reportedly prepping for later this year, though this is all still unconfirmed – these images don't come from the most reputable of sources either, so treat them with several pinches of salt for now.

    Rumors of the iPhone X successor appearing in two different sizes have been floating around since way back in November, so this isn't a complete surprise, but it's interesting to see a component snapped in the physical world. The screen you can see in the image is apparently from an LG supply chain facility in Vietnam.

    As 9to5Mac reports, LG has been tipped to be one of Apple's suppliers for OLED screens this year, so the leaked image matches what we've heard so far in that respect. The picture was posted to a Mac forum, so adjust your plausibility settings accordingly.

    So what can we tell from the pictures? Not an awful lot, save for the fact that the display looks to be bigger than the current iPhone X. There has been some talk that the 2018 iPhone X (the iPhone XI?) is going to have a smaller notch sitting atop the front display, but from these snaps it's hard to tell whether that's the case.

    What we do know is that Apple will be launching new iPhones this year, and all signs point towards there being quite a few iPhone-X style models to pick from, to suit every size of hand. We'll have to wait until September to know for sure what Apple is planning.

    12 hours 34 min ago