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Huawei ran out of bezel space on its new laptop, so it put a camera in its keyboard

  •  There’s a fine line between innovation and letting people see up your nose during conference calls. This week at Mobile World Congress, Huawei pushed through that line with reckless abandon on the MateBook X Pro. It’s one decided downside of this bezel-free future we’re all hurdling toward: the camera is an afterthought. For the iPhone Xs of the world, that means compromise… Read More

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MateBook X Pro hands-on: Huawei is getting really good at making laptops

  • “Guess where there webcam is,” asked a Huawei executive as the new MateBook Pro X was passed around room full of tech reporters. After a couple of minutes of confused searching – is it hidden in the tiny bezel? behind the LCD? – someone figured it out. “It’s in the keyboard.” Specifically, the webcam is tucked under the keyboard camera button, physically hidden to protecting any snooping. Press the button and the camera pops up with a super-satisfying click. That’s frikkin’ clever. So clever, I might not even mind the up-the-nostrils perspective. Impressive design touches throughout the MateBook X Pro…

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Why UX designers need to understand the psychology of users

  • I am of the opinion that a good UX leader needs to understand how people think, feel, perceive, and react, and then use the knowledge to deliver suitable products. To do this, we need some understanding of the human psyche, which remains at the heart of almost every decision people make. Recognizing this psychology and applying it to design is crucial if UX leaders hope to get desired results. If I had a penny for every time someone called end-users “dumb,” well… never mind. I have, on multiple occasions, heard the need to simplify application design or interfaces so even…

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Huawei launches its new MediaPad M5 tablets

  •  Tablets may not be the most exciting product category these days, but they also aren’t quite as dead as some pundits would like you to believe — and for Huawei, they are actually a growing business. Indeed, the company argues that it’s now the third largest tablet maker in the world. It’s no surprise then that the company today unveiled two (or three, depending on how… Read More

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Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro laptop has incredibly tiny bezels

  • Huawei isn’t bringing a new flagship phone to Mobile World Congress this year, but it does have a trio of larger-screened devices to show off. First up is Huawei’s new laptop, the MateBook X Pro. Like last year’s MateBook X, it has an attractive design with even thinner bezels around the display — Huawei claims a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio.

    The touchscreen is 13.9 inches diagonal and 3000 x 2000 resolution for a Surface-style 3:2 aspect ratio. As the bezels are incredibly small, Huawei has built the webcam into the keyboard of the MateBook X Pro, but this change doesn’t look like it will avoid the awkward camera position found on devices like Dell’s XPS 13.

    Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge Huawei’s crazy...

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I bet you can't guess where the Huawei MateBook X Pro hides its camera

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    It was a very Apple-like moment for Huawei: At the company's press briefing in Barcelona, a rep held out the MateBook X Pro, a 13.9-inch laptop with crazy-thin bezels, and asked the journalists where the camera was. No one had any idea, and then the man pressed on a key lodged in the middle of the function keys row, and out popped the camera. 

    It's the sort of clever solution we've grown accustomed to seeing from Apple, and Huawei managed to get a collective gasp for its engineering smarts, even though the jury is still out on whether this solution is actually any good in real-life use.  Read more...

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