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Google looks to prove VR is more than a toy with updated Daydream View headset

  •  Google’s latest Daydream View build is by no means a major departure from the previous iteration. While it’s sturdier, more thought-out and a bit more expensive, it encapsulates much of the same features of the headset from last year. This View looks almost identical to its previous iteration but the changes to its build materials are substantial and give the device a feeling that… Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago

Microsoft appeals to power users with the Surface Precision Mouse

  •  Once upon a time, Microsoft had a whole line of gaming hardware under the Sidewinder brand, and while they never really put a dent in Razer or Logitech, they put out some decent mice (the X3 “might serve as a good introduction to multiple DPI settings for your mom or dad,” I wrote in 2010). I’m glad to see they’re returning to that advanced-mousing heritage with the… Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago

A dormant chip in the Pixel 2 will soon let developers write better camera and AI apps

  • Here’s a surprise: Google’s Pixel 2 phones include a custom system-on-a-chip (SoC) that’s optimized for image processing — but it currently just sits there, doing nothing. Google says it’ll turn this chip on in the coming weeks as a developer option in the preview of Android Oreo 8.1. Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago

Two sizes really do fit all with Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

  •  Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a number of strengths to recommend them, but what makes them really unique is that they offer two versions of phone that finally, for Android, will provide everything anyone really needs in a smartphone. Other device makers have realized that different sizes appeal to different customers, but Google’s Pixel lineup offers a true choice, instead of… Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a well-rounded portable powerhouse

  •  It’s well past time to put to rest any doubt surrounding Microsoft’s hardware ambitions. Over the past few years, the company has transformed the Surface line from boutique proof of concept to one of the more innovative and forward-looking PC brands on the market. The Surface Book is one of the best examples of the line — Microsoft took the wraps off the Surface Book 2… Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago

Google Pixel 2 review

  •  Google wanted to announce more than just a boatload of products at its event the other week. The company hoped to foster a new conversation around consumer hardware, moving from a narrative about specs to one about artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Pixel 2 is the centerpiece of that idea. Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago

What’s new in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

  •  Announced roughly this time last year, Creators Update was Microsoft’s attempt to capture the creative types who have long been considered a core part of the Mac ecosystem’s userbase. The update brought simple 3D content creation tools to Windows 10 and additional gaming functionality, among other things. The new Fall Creators Update, which is set to roll out to all users today,… Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL reaffirm Google’s top spot among smartphone cameras

  •  Google’s changes to the Pixel cameras are mostly on the software side, but they gain some excellent additional abilities, including a new Portrait mode, as well as optical image stabilization to compliment Google’s digital anti-shake for photos and video. Google spent a lot of time during its presentation crowing about the Pixel 2 (and Pixel 2 XL, since their cameras are the… Read More

    6 days 9 hours ago