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Great Scott! There's a new DeLorean flying car in the works

Amazon Macie helps businesses protect their sensitive data in the cloud

  •  Amazon’s AWS cloud computing service hosted its annual NY Summit today and it used the event to launch a new service: Amazon Macie. The idea behind Macie is to use machine learning to help businesses protect their sensitive data in the cloud. Read More

    6 days 11 hours ago

London fintech Tail is a cashback platform built on the promise of Open Banking

  •  London-based Tail is a new fintech startup that offers a glimpse into the promise of Open Banking. This is seeing upcoming legislation in the EU and U.K. force banks to offer third-party developer access to your bank account data — with your permission, of course. Read More

    6 days 11 hours ago

Update bricks smart locks preferred by Airbnb

  •  A subset of smart locks made by Lockstate have been bricked after an update. The smart lock vendor is part of Airbnb’s Host Assist program, and integrates with the accommodation rental platform so, for instance, hosts can automatically generate and email one-time codes for their guests to use during check-in. Read More

    6 days 11 hours ago

The next Apple Watch could be the first must-have smartwatch

AI paints dreamy cityscape that blurs the line between code and art

  • Researchers have created AI that can render fictional street scenes based on human requests. The scientists load in a “paint by numbers” kind of template, and the computer outputs a dreamy display which rivals the graphics of the current generation of video games. Qifeng Chen, co-author of the research paper, believes his team has taken the next step in providing increased realism for games like Grand Theft Auto. The scientists created the algorithm and trained it using images from more than 3,000 city streets. The program references its database and creates something wholly unique based on ‘memory’ and training. Researchers…

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    6 days 11 hours ago