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Canadian court orders Google to change global search results

  • Canadian Supreme Court today ruled against Google in an intellectual property case, despite the fact that the company wasn’t a defendant in the initial case. The highest courts in Canada decided that the sovereignty of an ‘interlocutory injunction’ (a cease-and-desist order) on the behalf of a Canadian communications hardware company was worth bringing about a global-wide gag order for the US based Google search-engine. The ruling was meant to stop an allegedly fake company named Datalink Technologies Gateways from counterfeiting and profiting off of several network devices and technologies owned by Equustek. According to court documents, the fake company used various…

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    14 hours 56 min ago

US woman shoots boyfriend in YouTube stunt

Leaked Facebook docs explain why it protects white men, but not black children

  • “All white people are racist. Start from that reference point, or you’ve already failed,” read a Facebook post by Black Lives Matter activist Didi Delgado. The post earned her a temporary ban from the social network. “Racist,” according to Facebook, is a racial slur, and using it to refer to a specific group of people earned Delgado a seven day time out. Another — arguably more inflammatory post —  wasn’t deemed to be as offensive. Its creator, US Rep. Clay Higgins, didn’t face the same ban (or worse) after calling for the murder of a specific group of people. Higgins wrote…

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    15 hours 11 min ago

Aston Martin’s electric sports car becomes even more elusive, thanks to cash-strapped LeEco

  • Aston Martin’s forthcoming electric sports car, the RapidE, will become even more exclusive than originally planned, after the departure of struggling Chinese electronics manufacturer LeEco as an investor on the project.

    In an interview with Reuters, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer confirmed that LeEco has pulled out of the electric supercar project, forcing the British carmaker to scale back production. Aston Martin will now only make 155 vehicles, which is about a third of the initial plan, and lean more heavily on Formula One engineering specialist Williams after the departure of LeEco. A spokesperson for Aston Martin said, “The collaboration with LeEco has reached a natural inflection point.”

    The RapidE, a four-door...

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    15 hours 14 min ago

Google Photos is making sharing pictures with friends even easier

Twitch’s mobile app is adding live streaming, dark mode and more

  •  Amazon-owned game-streaming site Twitch today announced a series of changes coming soon to its mobile application, the most notable of which is the ability for broadcasters to stream directly to their channel from the app itself. That doesn’t mean you can live stream gameplay as of yet, though. Read More

    15 hours 18 min ago

Watch out Google Earth, Apple Maps has a hidden VR-like 'flyover' mode

  • You're soon going to have a new reason to use Apple Maps.

    Apple is adding a new feature to its mapping app that lets you go on 3D "flyover" tours of cities around the world. Though not technically VR, the feature is reminiscent of Google Earth VR and raises fresh questions about Apple's plans for virtual reality.

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    The feature, which has not been publicized by Apple, is available now in the iOS 11 public beta. When you search for a location that has "flyover" enabled, you can dive into a first-person 3D view of the city.

    Navigating flyover mode is a lot like watching a 360-degree video on your phone: you can change your point of view by moving your phone around or walking around. You can also go on a "flyover tour" for a more passive experience.  Read more...

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