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How to upgrade to latest version of Drupal8 in Acquia Cloud

Drupal8 is still in beta and very soon, we will have release candidate also. Most of Drupalers wants to checkout Drupal8 as quickly as possible and Acquia is helping out there!!. You can create a free account in https://insight.acquia.com and then by clicking on Install Drupal we can install Drupal7 or Drupal8 directly from Acquia.

Code Review using Coder via Drush Command

Whenever you do code review via drush command, kindly pass security, sql, minor parameters:

Command:          drush coder-review no-empty minor security sql style <module/theme name> |more

security:  will check for security vulnerabilities in your code as how to handle text in secure fashion. (https://www.drupal.org/node/28984)

sql:  will check for your sql statements correctly used as per Drupal standard or not.

request_path: Returns the requested URL path of the page being viewed

One of the small function but very handy for developers in Drupal is request_path

It Returns the requested URL path of the page being viewed.

Examples of request_path():


    returns “node/306″              


    returns “node/306″ while base_path() returns “/drupalfolder/

Installing PHPUnit without connecting to PEAR online package

This installation procedure is required when we are getting proxy or any connection errors while we are trying to install PHPUnit package using standard PEAR commands.

Upgrade PEAR:

Please run the following command in shell:

pear  –V

If the results returns a version which is “1.9.4”, then no need to follow a, b and c

a.       Download –