3D-printed objects that sense how a user is interacting with them

1 month ago
MIT researchers have developed a new method to 3D print mechanisms that detect how force is being applied to an object. The structures are made from a single piece of material, so they can be rapidly prototyped. A designer could use this method to 3D print "interactive input devices," like a joystick, switch, or handheld controller, in one go.

A new dataset for better augmented and mixed reality

1 month 1 week ago
Computer scientists at the University of California San Diego have released OpenRooms, an new, open source dataset with tools that will help users manipulate objects, materials, lighting and other properties in indoor 3D scenes to advance augmented reality and robotics.

New tool maps future climate costs for airlines, passengers

1 month 1 week ago
When Phoenix temperatures topped 120 F in June 2017, American Airlines canceled dozens of flights at a local airport because the airplanes could not take off safely in the extreme heat. Scenarios like this are likely to become more common as a result of climate warming, scientists say, but the operational costs to airlines and passengers are largely unknown.

Understanding the rising threat of ransomware attacks

1 month 4 weeks ago
A rude awakening came to thousands of Americans in early May. Many motorists who had never seen the effects of a devastating ransomware attack found themselves scrambling to find a flowing gas pump, and waiting in massive lines when they did.

Google adds facial expression recognition to Android Accessibility Suite beta version

2 months ago
A team at XDA Developers has discovered that Google has added facial expression recognition to the beta version of the Android Accessibility Suite, which came with the beta version of Android 12. The new feature is called collectively Camera Switches. The new features appear to be geared toward allowing those with disabilities to communicate with their phone without using their voice.
1 week ago
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