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TimOnWeb.com: Default Search API Sorts Per View in Drupal 7

Vardot: Time to level up - Ditch Drupal 6 for the all new Drupal 8

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    Drupal 6 kicked off way back in 2008. For the time it was a major breakthrough in technology, and the platform supported many major websites including whitehouse.gov. Over its lifespan Drupal 6 had more than 700 contributed modules and 600 custom themes. It boasted a nicer menu structure and an easier installation process than its predecessors, as well as improved security and a handy drag and drop menu. Drupal 6 was well ahead of its time. Now it is unsupported, outdated and frankly, old. It’s time for you and your website to move on.

    The complete history of Drupal


    What’s new in Drupal?

    Drupal 8 (released November 2015) comes with a whole set of new built-in gadgets, including mobile responsive themes, built in web services to make it an API-first CMS, improved editorial experience, accessibility, powerful multilingual tools (at last), improved performance, HTML5, and better SEO and analytics tools. With over 18 months since releasing, it has become reliably stable, secure, and ready for you to make the switch.

    Check out our 7 Reasons why Now is the Right Time to Move to Drupal 8


    Why Drupal 6 isn’t a safe bet anymore

    Without support from the community, Drupal 6 is going to be opened to more and more security risks. It’s modules will become outdated and unwieldy, and users will struggle to be able to get the performance they’ve come to expect with modern websites. While upgrading may seem like a daunting task, the business risks of remaining with Drupal 6 are far higher.


    Migrations - easier than you think?


    Believe it or not, Drupal 8 is stacked full of migration modules and toolsets to help you move your content from one platform to another. While many of these focus simply on moving a site between completely different platform, there are some that are designed to assist with moving between versions of Drupal. Depending on how your website was developed these can be tricky to use, and can lead to many hours of rework ‘rebuilding’ your website at the other end. If your website is stacked full of custom features, you may find that stock migration modules don’t quite provide the service you need.


    Partners in Migration

    If you’re a tech-whizz with a small website and plenty of time, you might find migrating your site on your own an exciting and economically sound venture. However, Drupal has become such a user friendly platform that many of its users skillsets are in marketing, communications and social relations. If that’s you, perhaps the thought of trying to move all your web content to another platform is so daunting you’ve been carefully looking the other way while Drupal 8 was released and took the world by storm.

    With our assistance, your migration can not only be smooth and painless, but an opportunity to resolve some of those niggling website issues, and take a step forward into greater customer engagement. A shift to Drupal 8 can help you improve your conversions whilst making site maintenance easier.


    Vardot - Drupal experts since 2011

    Here at Vardot we’ve been supporting people since 2011. With our specialist team of Drupal experts we’re prepared to help migrate anything from a small two-page website, to a large scale page with multiple custom modules and integrations. Working with our team you’ll be on first name basis with our staff, and there is no shuffling between departments.

    We believe in empowering our customers and our community - by giving back to the open source community. We promote a vibrant culture that benefits everyone involved. Working with us goes hand in hand with giving back, and you can be sure we’ll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need for the day-to-day management of your website moving forward.

    If you have a site that needs migrating, or just a refresh, get in touch with us, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Drupal core announcements: Midwest Developer Summit 2017-08-11 -- 2017-08-13 -- Register Now!

  • Make your plans to join us for the Drupal Midwest Developer Summit, August 11-13, on the University of Michigan campus, in Ann Arbor MI.

    Register here

    The Event
    Join us for 3 days this summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the 2017 Midwest Drupal Summit.
    For this year’s Summit, we’ll gather on the beautiful University of Michigan campus for three days of code sprints, working on issues such as porting modules and writing, updating documentation and informal presentations. We will start around 10AM and finish around 5PM each day.
    Lunch, Coffee and Snacks will be provided each day.

    What’s New This Year at MWDS?
    This year, we’re adding lightning talks (more Drupal learnings!) and a social outing (more Drupal fun!)

    What’s The Same?

    Relaxed, low-key sprinting and socializing with Drupal core contributors and security team members.

    What you can expect:

    • An opportunity to learn from Drupal core contributors and mentors, including Angie “webchick” Byron, Michael Hess, Peter Wolanin, Neil Drumm and xjm.
    • Code sprints. Let’s clear out some queues!
    • Help Porting modules to Drupal 8.
    • Lighting talks
    • Security issue sprints
    • Documentation writing
    • Good food and good community.


    Ann Arbor is about 30 minutes by car from Detroit Metro Airport. Ann Arbor is also served by Amtrak.
    Questions? Contact mlhess@drupal.org

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It's Triumphant Tuesday! Post your recent Drupal wins and launches

2bits: Antibot module for Comment Spam, Alternative to Mollom End Of Life

  • Acquia has announced the end of life for Mollom, the comment spam filtering service.

    Mollom was created by Dries Buytaert and Benjamin Schrauwen, and launched to a few beta testers (including myself) in 2007. Mollom was acquired by Acquia in 2012.

    The service worked generally well, with the occasional spam comment getting through. The stated reason for stopping the service is that spammers have gotten more sophisticated, and that perhaps means that Mollom needs to try harder to keep up with the ever changing tactics. Much like computer viruses and malware, spam (email or comments) is an arms race scenario.

    The recommended alternative by Acquia is a combination of reCAPTCHA and Honeypot.

    But there is a problem with this combinationa: reCAPTCHA, like all modules that depend on the CAPTCHA module, disable the page cache for any form that has CAPTCHA enabled.

    This is due to this piece of code in captcha.module:

    // Prevent caching of the page with CAPTCHA elements.
    // This needs to be done even if the CAPTCHA will be ommitted later:
    // other untrusted users should not get a cached page when
    // the current untrusted user can skip the current CAPTCHA.

    Another alternative that we have been using that does not disable the page cache is antibot module.

    To install the antibot module, you can use your git repository, or the following drush commands:

    drush dis mollom
    drush dl antibot
    drush en antibot

    Visit the configuration page for antibot if you want to add more forms that use the module, or disable it from other forms. The default settings work for comments, user registrations, and use logins.

    Because of the above mentioned arms race situation, expect spammers to come up with circumvention techniques at some point in the future, and there will be a need to use other measures, be they in antibot, or other alternatives.

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The Continuous Integration Cookbook

  • I’ve started writing a book called, The Continuous Integration Cookbook. The idea would be to provide lots of real world examples on how to setup build pipelines using common platforms (Travis/Circle/Gitlab) and the most popular frameworks including Drupal.

    About Me

    I was an active contributor to Drupal 8 during the last few years and am one of the Migrate API maintainers and a member of the Drupal security team.

    I’ve been delivering a lot of Drupal projects, big and small over the last 5 years, so this book is going to have plenty of content from real world Drupal development


    I would like to gauge interest in such a book before I get too far. Depending on the effort it takes I’m hoping to sell it for around $10-30 but completely undecided at this point, input welcome on price.

    Feel free to register for some free sample chapters here.


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Agiledrop.com Blog: AGILEDROP: DrupalCon session about Coding and Development

  • Last time, we gathered together DrupalCon Baltimore sessions about Project Management. Before that, we explored Case Studies. We promised that we will also look in some other areas. Therefore, we will this time see, which sessions were present in the area of Coding and Development. Code Standards: It's Okay to be Yourself, But Write Your Code Like Everyone Else by Alanna Burke from Chromatic In this session, attendees learned both formatting standards for their code and documentation standards, as well as some specifics for things like Twig, and object-oriented programming in Drupal 8. The… READ MORE

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Streamlining Agile Drupal Sprints: Leverage Jira for Good

linking thumbnails to node without a module?

Drupal Modules: The One Percent: Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Footermap (video tutorial)

  • Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Footermap (video tutorial) NonProfit Mon, 05/22/2017 - 11:54 Episode 28

    Here is where we bring awareness to Drupal modules running on less than 1% of reporting sites. Today we'll investigate Footermap, a module which renders the results expanded menus in a block.

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