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Looking for best practice on updating several live D8 sites

Drupal Commerce or WP/Woo

  • A bit of background. I have experience doing 3 or 4 smaller Drupal sites for people that didn't include a store in my recent past, so I am pretty familiar, but not a pro with Drupal (mostly D7).

    I am looking at starting up my own online store. How is Drupal Commerce compared to WP/Woo. I would hate to have to learn WP and Woocommerce, instead of D-Commerce, but I will if I have too.

    Any comments on Drupal Commerce? Any pitfulls a noob should watchout for in setting up a D-Comm site?

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Drupal's foothold on the Internet is slipping a lot these days... Here's what I've observed...

  • Drupal is slipping in use by US Federal Government agencies and in private business a lot these days and it worries me to the point of making me and others invest in other newer JS frameworks. As someone who has worked as a Developer and PM on many projects for US Government and other companies, Drupal use, jobs, and utility have all really seen a decline since the release of Drupal 8.

    A few reasons I have observed are the following-

    Footprint - Drupal 8 is huge. When coupled with tech like Docker, Drupal becomes very expensive to host on CSP's like AWS. A much lighter framework, specialized to a client's use always beats Drupal when development/labor costs are on par.

    Outdated UI - With Dries promoting "decoupled" or "headless" Drupal implementations on Twitter, it only highlightes how difficult advanced Drupal UI design has become. Make Drupal UI better instead of encouraging only partial use of Drupal, it's business 101... Enhancements and online documentation is greatly confusing because there is barely any distinction for documentation based on each version of Drupal is being discussed. Drupal 8 also does not easily integrate Java Script for dynamic and engaging data displays, a d3 module for Drupal 8 is still not released after months of initial d8 deployment.

    The fixed release schedule - Because of all of the modules now included in core, there are too many mandatory release updates and security bulletins. Many clients don't use any if the modules issued in Drupal core, but face increased security risk and maintenance costs due to release schedules now imposed on everyone.

    Lack of promotion/awareness - Drupal events are too often tailored to those that know it, and not enough to those that don't. As Drupal grows, it grows only because of the community and clients promoting it. More efforts should be made by Acquia and the Drupal associations to educate those unaware about Drupal on it's merits, as Google does for Angular.

    Drupal is not becoming more simple over time - OOP is great, however the process of growth relies on generating more deployments. By dramatically changing the basis Drupal is built upon over time, the learning and experience gains for developers and users get wiped out. This problem really needs to be addressed and reigned in. The changes are too dramatic with each release folks and they keep forgetting that with each new major release, seriously...

    Performance - Drupal 8 runs slow. Though not many are saying it. Drupal 7 performed a lot better. Saying that Drupal is intended for only certain use-cases is like shooting yourself in the foot from a business perspective. Drupal was started as a modular product, That means that core should be fast and efficient, and easy to set up and run. Let's get back to that kind of sensibility about Drupal, and not be arrogant in prescribing use cases way to specific for success. Instructions for things like configuring htaccess to work with CSPs should be easy to find on drupal.org, it helps with increasing deployment and preventing frustration, but it's not easy to navigate for novices.

    There are tons if Drupal 7 sites running on the Internet right now. If D8 is not a better option for upgrade, all will be lost. I hope Dries and the community take time to re-evaluate the current foothold that Drupal has and to start working on making it a better product than simply integrating poorly with other frameworks and expecting devs to generate custom code to fill gaps. That's my 2 cents... No offense intended.

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Would drupal be a good solution for this need?

  • I've used Drupal in the past for a few projects, but I'm not sure I could use it for this or if it would be appropriate for this project.


    • Admin should be able to create and view multiple Businesses...

      • Business Name
      • Business Login Name
      • Business Login Password
      • Business Contact
      • Business Phone
      • Device Serial Numbers tied to this Business
    • Admin should be able to create and view multiple Customers which are tied to a business...

      • User Name
      • User email
      • User Login Name
      • User Login Password
      • User's Device Serial Number (Matches a serial number for a business)
    • Business created by Admin should have access to view ONLY their data. Serial Numbers, Customers, etc.

    • Customers created by Admin should have access to view ONLY their data. Serial Number, etc.

    It's basically a data management and tracking site. Once set up the Businesses will be able to log in and view their data only, their customers, serial numbers, devices, etc.

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It's Drupal Contrib Wednesday! Post recent contrib module likes/dislikes

Local Development Environment

  • My team is having difficulty finding a stable and usable local development environment for Drupal 8. We were using Homestead but recently upgraded to v5.4.0 but now it seems to be unstable for us with constant MySQL issues. Running DrupalVM doesn't seem to be feasible as the provisioning constantly fails at some point. So I'm wondering what types of development environments you folks are running?


    • Runs on Windows
    • Can run multiple sites/docroots (not multisite)
    • Match as close to prod as possible (CentOS 7, Apache, PHP 5.6, Maria)
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D8: Requiring Users to sign (webform_field) that they reviewed a document (node)

  • I have been killing myself over this for longer than I care to disclose. I have a document content type, that has a simple file attach, an auto generated title, etc. I am doing a build out for a government agency that requires users to sign when certain documents are updated, thus verifying review. I am trying to alert the users until they sign (webform submission to the entity). I have tried to build this in views as content, user, and webform submission. The best I can come up with is creating a view will all UIDs, and then running that thru a webform submission view, contextual on the entity id and user submission. This generates a list of users that have completed the signature. This hack could work, but I am looking for a solution that is similar to Has New Content, but with a signature requirement. I have tried to exclude, etc. Create different relationship types, but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to accomplish this? I am not 2-3 months into my first drupal build, and am seriously amazed at how awesome this platform is. While I have learned a lot, apparently it has not been enough. Thanks in advance.

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