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Chapter Three: How to Prevent Duplicate Terms During a Drupal 8 Migration

  • In this post I will show a custom process plugin that I created to migrate taxonomy terms. The plugin handles the creation of new terms and prevents duplicates.

    Below is a portion of the migration template. In the example, I am migrating new terms into keywords vocabulary via field_keywords field.

    field_keywords: - plugin: existing_term # Destination (Drupal) vocabulary name vocabulary: keywords # Source query should return term name source: term_name - plugin: skip_on_empty method: row

    This is the source code for the process plugin.

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Best Place to Start?

  • Hi everyone!

    I just subscribed to this sub with the intention to learn more about drupal after my boss put me in charge of making our website more responsive.

    This was sort of a surprise because I thought that she would just hire outside help for this one, but she told me that she would rather have someone in-house that can help out with the design whenever needed.

    With my professional eyes centered on more content management in the future and the prospect of getting a raise, I've decided to be up to the task.

    I've got the basics of HTML and CSS down, my JavaScript and Python skills are pretty slim, but I'm considering myself willing and able to learn the ropes.

    That being said, does anyone know of any resources to start with? Any tips or things to look out for when first learning?

    The guy that made our theme apparently made it so that we need to completely reformat the entire site in order to make it responsive and still look the way that my boss wants it to (something about a color not being available in the premade themes). Does this sound possible? Am I biting off more than I can chew?

    Any feedback would be nice.

    Thanks everyone!

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Restful 'Comment' Posts for non-admin, authorized users

  • Has anyone successfully implemented comments from a decoupled/hybrid front end. I have successfully implemented vuejs as a internal app to my d8 site. I am able to create nodes with any user, and it is working flawlessly. I am unable however, to post comments as non-admin authorized users (that are tagged back to the commenting user). I can post with my superAdmin account, and I can also post with non-admin users as long as the "administer comments and settings" permission is checked. This is not what I would like to implement. Authroized users are able to post comments utilizing normal drupal node form comment fields. I can also post from postman or the app, as a Anon user. As soon as I try to post with an authorized non-admin user I get several errors. "access denied creating uid" or "access denied creating name". These are all nullified when opening up the administration rights for all authorized users. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Where does Drupal gets it time stamps for articles from?

Mediacurrent: TypeScript and Drupal.behaviors

  • Back in June some of our crew attended Dinosaur JS conference in Denver, CO.

    There were talks ranging from V8’s JS optimization (even had some assembly language slides in there) to demonstrating the creation of an homage to an abstract artist with JavaScript code.

    This all got me thinking about TypeScript, Closure compiler, etc... and JS performance and development in general. But I have to admit, I was struggling to see how these technologies could benefit us in Drupal since most of our JS is done in Drupal.behaviors.

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