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Internet users are taking back control as Steemit and Datawallet monetize data

  • Recent studies, from even as far back as 2012, show that the global data economy is growing exponentially, much faster than previously anticipated. The information that internet users output in their day to day use of the web has rapidly built an industry which is manufacturing and marketing a new commodity-like asset: data. An asset one that will soon be worth more than even the most highly valued commodities. However, this multibillion-dollar data industry, which is sold by data brokers, and is presently built upon a flawed foundation; one which not only permits but benefits data brokers to exploit consumers…

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    1 hour 14 min ago

Microsoft brings the Xbox One X to India with a Rs. 45,000 price tag

  • Microsoft has officially launched its 4K-capable Xbox One X gaming console in India, roughly half a year since its unveiling at the 2017 E3 expo. The console, which delivers Ultra HD resolution graphics with HDR support and comes with a 1TB hard drive, will be available from today at Rs. 45,000 ($705) – a steep hike compared to the X’s US price tag of $500. CNet notes that most streaming music and video services for the Xbox One X that are available to players in the US won’t be open to people in Asia, but Microsoft Asia’s Xbox Business Lead,…

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    2 hours 51 min ago

Japan’s BitFlyer Bitcoin exchange lands in Europe

  • Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange BitFlyer has kicked off operations in Europe, after having secured the necessary Payment Institution license to run its service across the EU. The exchange launched in the US last November, and claims that more than $250 billion in virtual currency was traded on its platform in 2017. According to Financial Times, it facilitates about 20-30 percent of all Bitcoin trades globally. With that, BitFlyer claims that it’s now the only licensed exchange to allow cross-border Bitcoin trading between Europe and Japan, among the largest markets for the virtual currency in the world. To start, it’ll only allow…

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    3 hours 28 min ago

Wine 3.0 arrives on Android to let you run Windows apps on your phone

  • Wish you could do more with your phone than just run Android? Codeweavers is working to sort you out: it’s just released version 3.0 of the Wine compatibility layer for Linux-based systems, which can now be built into an APK package and installed on your Android device. Once you grab the installer from this page and install it on your device (Android Police noted that it works better on some phones like the OnePlus 5T, and crashes on others like the Google Pixel from 2016), you’ll be greeted by a full-screen Windows 7 interface – Start menu and all. In addition,…

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    3 hours 52 min ago

Japan’s SmartHR raises $13.3M led by 500 Startups

  •  SmartHR, a startup helping Japanese employers run HR and staffing smarter — because that’s of course its name — has raised a JPY 1.5 billion ($13.3 million) Series B round led by 500 Startups Japan. The startup is perhaps comparable to the likes of Zenefits and Gusto in the U.S. — it aims to drag Japanese HR departments into today’s digital era. “In Japan… Read More

    4 hours 21 min ago