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Feast your eyes on this 600-DPI e-paper screen

  •  I have to say, I really like e-paper. And it’s come a long way since the crude early Kindles — nowadays you have e-readers that are as high-resolution as the best phones and iPads. And they’re set to get even better if E-Ink’s latest screens make it into a few products, as I hope they do. Read More

    2 hours 41 min ago

Mapping a new frontier

These flat-pack turtlebots will crawl across minefields for safety’s sake

  •  The threat of minefields is an ongoing and horrifying one, and the duty of clearing them is as difficult as it is dangerous. All the more reason, then, that it should be done by robots! A new type of inexpensive, versatile bot modeled after turtles could be a great tool for this and other jobs. Read More

    3 hours 21 min ago

Wearables suck at tracking calories burned, study shows

SoFi co-founder Dan Macklin is leaving the company

  •  Another one of the co-founders of online lending startup SoFi is leaving the company, TechCrunch has learned. Dan Macklin, who served as VP of Community and Member Success at SoFi, has announced internally that he’ll be stepping down from his position on June 6th. Read More

    4 hours 47 min ago

Amazon’s drive-up grocery stores are now open to the public in Seattle

  • Amazon has opened two drive-up grocery stores to the public after testing the locations first with its own employees. Both are in the Seattle area, and allow Amazon Prime subscribers to place an online order and choose a two-hour pickup window for when they’d like to drive over and retrieve it.

    Despite the stores being called “AmazonFresh Pickup,” a membership to the company’s home delivery grocery service isn’t required. But if you do pay for AmazonFresh (an extra $14.99 per month on top of Prime’s usual cost), your groceries will be ready within 15 minutes. Regular Prime customers have to wait at least two hours before the earliest pickup window becomes available.

    AmazonFresh Pickup isn’t quite as cutting edge as the cashier-less...

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    5 hours 5 min ago