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FinTech cross-border payments platform opens London office in Brexit opportunity

  • Global payment provider Payoneer has built a reputation as an innovative cross-border payments platform. The explosive growth of FinTech and a traditional industry that has been slow to adapt is creating more opportunities than challenges for agile startups. As the digital transformation gathers pace, the online payments company is attempting to pave the way towards a borderless digital world. Household names such as Airbnb, Amazon, Getty Images, Google, and UpWork have come to rely on Payoneer’s mass payout services. Although an expansion was inevitable, a few eyebrows were raised upon the announcement of a new London office to increase support…

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Binary Capital is being sued by a former employee for harassment

  •  Troubled Silicon Valley venture firm, Binary Capital, whose co-founder resigned earlier this week after allegations surfaced of Justin Caldbeck’s predatory behavior towards women, is being sued by a former employee for harassing and defaming her after she resigned from the firm, Bloomberg reports.  Read More

    4 hours 51 min ago

Top 7 social media influencers who are killing it

  • Since the launch of the internet, brands have been taking their businesses online and utilizing the many benefits that online marketing has for them. As the Internet grew, more and more brands have started to take it upon themselves to promote their content on the internet to attract more customers and increase their revenue. Today, it is possible to run an entire business on the internet – without having to rent office space or employing even a single employee. When it comes to driving traffic to your presence on the internet, which we all know is the secret “ingredient” to…

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8tracks suffers breach, millions of users’ account details stolen

  • Beloved internet radio and playlist service 8tracks has been hit by hackers who stole account details for millions of its users, with data going back all the way to 2008. It isn’t clear exactly how many users are affected: Breach notification site LeakBase told Motherboard that the full database that’s being traded on the Dark Web includes about 18 million accounts, and provided the outlet with about 6 million usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords. Are you in trouble? It’s possible that hackers might be able to crack the passwords that are hashed using the SHA1 algorithm; worse, if you’ve…

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Amazon Prime Day 2017 announced, Prime membership slashed to £59

  • Amazon has officially announced Prime Day 2017 and the big date this year is Tuesday July 11.

    It's that day of the year when Amazon runs "hundreds of thousands of deals" exclusively for Prime members, so if you're not a member and you've been thinking of signing up - now would be a good time to get that free trial.

    If Prime Day itself wasn’t enough to entice new members, Amazon is running an exclusive discount in the UK – a year of Prime now costs £59 rather than the usual £79 and this offer will run only until July 3. We gave Prime a 5-star review earlier this year at the usual £79 price with with £20 it seems like a must-have bargain to us.

    In the US, owners of the Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with voice remote will be able to say "Alexa, sign me up to Prime" to get a similar discount, but in the UK you can just click through.

    Prime Day 2017 details:

    While this is the third annual Prime Day, this year Prime members will be getting an additional 6 hours of deals, with 30 hours of mayhem rather than the usual 24. Consequently, the Prime Day deals will start at 6pm on Monday July 10, with new deals launching every five minutes.

    The "hundreds of thousands of deals" claim is slightly dubious as it adds up all of the Prime Day deals across all 13 participating countries. That being said, there will still be thousands of deals available in the UK so you probably won't be short of prices to browse through.

    “Our members love Prime Day and we were thrilled by the response over the last two years. It is inspiring us to make it even better this year for Prime members,” says Greg Greeley, Vice President Amazon Prime.

    “Every side of our business is working to deliver more deals for a record number of shoppers. We even decided that 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough time to shop all of the great deals – so we’re giving Prime members 30 hours to shop on Prime Day!”

    This year’s new Prime Day specials 

    The extra 6 hours of deals can be explained by Amazon’s Prime Day US strategy, where Prime Day will run from 9pm Eastern Time to midnight Pacific – three extra hours at each end. For us in the UK, it’s pretty handy to see the first deals at a comfortable time in the evening rather than having to stay up until midnight so it's all good by us.

    Amazon also promises that deals this year will be easy to navigate and that’s also a good thing. The Amazon shopping experience is heavily dependent on people searching for what they want – the browsing experience can be quite poor, particularly on Black Friday and manic days like it. So any attempt to make browsing deals a lot easier sounds like a good idea to us and no doubt it’ll help Amazon shift more gear too.

    You’ll also for the first time on Prime Day be able to use the Amazon app to track the deals you’re interested in – so as usual with lightning deals, tick the ones you like the look of and you’ll be alerted when the deal goes live so you can see the new price.

    The Amazon lottery

    In additional to all of this, Amazon has also launched a big drive on Amazon Music Unlimited – it’s wannabe Spotify rival. Prime members who haven’t yet tried the Music Unlimited service can now secure four months of music for just £0.99. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it? And at that price why not have a look?

    Between July 7 and July 11 Prime members also have the chance to win £100,000 in cash simply by streaming Amazon Video via a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or the Amazon App on your games console. Prime members can also save up to 40% on a Kindle Unlimited membership and up to 25% at Prime Pantry between 3rd July and 6th August.

    So yeah, in case you hadn’t guessed – the whole point of Prime Day from Amazon’s point of view is to drive Prime subscriptions. We’ll be right there on Prime Day listing all of the best deals so come back to TechRadar on July 11 to see which deals we rate the best!

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Google Photos’ new sharing features are a bit much, but families might enjoy them

  • Google Photos is upgrading its cloud storage service with a couple of new automated sharing features today that might be a bit too clever for their own good. The first is actually kinda neat: a new Sharing tab will show you pictures from notable events that Photos thinks you might want to send only to certain people. For example, it picked up a bunch of shots from my lunch with friends at a Korean joint and suggested I share it with one of them. Your recipients can then add pictures to the shared album. I like how this works, as…

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