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E-cigarettes with more nicotine may make teens vape more

Netflix is raising $1.6B in debt as its content costs balloon

  •  Netflix today said it was raising a very large lump of debt for the typical laundry list of uses that you’ll find in a filing with the SEC — though, the timing comes as its content costs may hit as much as $8 billion next year. The announcement comes off a strong earnings report last week, where Netflix once again beat expectations for its subscriber growth. The company also said… Read More

    6 hours 18 min ago

Martenero’s latest American-made watch is launching through Kickstarter

  • Martenero has been selling American-made customizable mechanical watches for under a $1,000 a few years now, and it’s back with a new design at its cheapest price yet.

    Its latest timepiece is the Kerrison, a 42mm watch powered by a Miyota 9015 movement. It features a 316L stainless steel casing, sapphire crystal on the front and back, 42-hour power reserve, and a leather strap. And for the first time, Martenero is using Kickstarter to fund its development.

    Photo: Martenero

    The Kerrison will also come in four different colorways — white and blue; white and silver; dark blue; and black and dark blue — and three different leather straps are available as well. Usually Martenero’s watches start at around $600, but the...

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Facebook’s reach-killing test in Slovakia is a big warning to all media

  • Media outlets in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia are going through a rough week – and they have nobody but Facebook to blame for the headache. A new Facebook news feed experiment is purportedly causing a huge decrease in organic traffic to news outlets in the aforementioned countries. Last Thursday, the social media giant brought its Explore Feed feature to desktop, but it turns out it didn’t have the best impact on news sites, to put it lightly. Outlets are reporting Facebook interactions (i.e. likes, comments, shares) have sunk nearly four times since the company updated the…

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Google might need to recall the Pixel 2 XL because of defective screens

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Super-deal underway: 2TBs of cloud storage under $50

  • Don’t you love it when a series of discounts and special offers line up just so, landing a valuable resource in your shopping cart at a massive discount off its true value? It’s happening right now with Degoo Premium cloud storage, putting $1,200 worth of fully encrypted and secure off-site backup space in your hands for under $50 from TNW Deals.

    6 hours 31 min ago

Nintimdo RP is a DIY Nintendo Switch clone that plays classic games

  •  Tim Lindquist is an undergrad at Iowa State University and, if you’re into classic gaming, might just be the man of your dreams. His super-cool Nintimdo RP project is a 3D-printed case for a Raspberry Pi that is designed to simulated the size and shape of a Nintendo Switch without all those silly modern gaming advances. In fact, the Nintimdo RP is dedicated to playing classic games.… Read More

    6 hours 32 min ago

Wireless, low-profile earbuds that work paired or independently

Halo 3 and other Xbox 360 games are being enhanced for Xbox One X

  • Microsoft is extending its Xbox One X Enhanced program to existing Xbox 360 games. IGN reports that four Xbox 360 games will include enhancements specifically for the new Xbox One X console when it launches on November 7th. Halo 3, Assassin's Creed, Fallout 3, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will all include tweaks that push the on-screen pixels to nine times more. Some games also have 10-bit color depth instead of 8-bit, and even HDR support.

    Microsoft is using the Xbox One X Enhanced program to tag games with an “Enhanced” logo, which indicates the titles optimized for the new console. This doesn’t necessarily mean that 4K and HDR have been added, as there are separate logos for those features, but Enhanced means the game will run...

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    6 hours 40 min ago